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AR/VR Accomplishments

Virtual reality world costs nothing without augmented reality implementation

Virtual reality software was recently presented by Google with the Daydream to access apps and content while using the headset. It’s not just a simple stuff with the possibility to watch a great pictures and play games, it’s a complicated ecosystem where users are able to navigate inside virtual reality. Because of this innovation, more and more people became involved in the VR world and desired to try out new apps and games to explore Daydream’s possibilities.


If your smartphone easily showcases real-world environment in one small screen and blurs the line between what's real and what's computer-generated by enhancing your feelings, you're the one among millions of users who is familiar with the augmented reality. Just using augmented reality map you will be guided with helpful tips and informative graphics. These enhancements will be refreshed continually to reflect the movements along the streets. v-jet group team is able to add advancement to existing VR world by augmenting the elements or components in context to the environment. With the help of AR technology people became a part of interactive surrounding, that is masked into the real world.


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v-jet group team followed the growth of VR popularity and pleased customers with the perfect solution to travel around the world using one simple app. We specialise in development of VR solutions to move you to places you have never been before. Depending on the requirements, VR can be experienced on mobile with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or on PC with a more advanced Oculus Rift or other headsets.

UX and Graphic Design

Design of AR/VR solutions cannot be done with regular graphics footage. Our designers are aimed to create 3D solutions that can easily move you to places that do not exist. In our designing process we use such popular game engines as Unity 3D.


Production of AR/VR-ready 3D content

Depending on industry to serve and requirements, AR and VR can be experienced on the list of the most useful headsets: Google Glass, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Lenovo Phab2. Moreover, we create a complex experience using not only the headset, but also motion capture devices, controllers, and even custom made hardware.

Explore the virtual world using your device

Your dreams have never been so close to you.


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