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Why you are probably a bad businessman

September 05/Alina Bogdan/Branding

Quite often you can meet the project manager, director, or just a business coach, who gives the impression of an intelligent and experienced business unit.

However, our v-jet team saw everything. Experts, enveloped in a dense cloud of perplexity, come to us for consultations almost every week. The foundation of their earnings strategy has nothing to do with a reality.

It's great if a businessman realizes his mistakes and shortcomings, and tries to deal with them. But what if not? What will happen to the project which the manager does not have sufficient qualifications to manage in?

Let's try to highlight the main problems of bad businessmen:

  1. You are afraid of responsibility. The fear that you have taken on too many obligations, but did not take into account inexperience or ignorance of some weighty factors does not allow you to be an adventurer, you are too pinched.
  2. You are afraid to delegate. The permanent desire to keep everything under control does not allow to develop those areas of your business where you can be incompetent, but you still do not give the work to narrow specialists.
  3. You have problems with self-organization and planning. You will not go far on the bare enthusiasm, you always need to be able to or learn how to take a couple of steps forward, so your unhealthy desire to go on impromptu with luck at some point will let you down. Be sure.
  4. You do not know how to dream. Modesty ambitions are good where you do not have to make decisions.
  5. You do not know how to handle money. Financial illiteracy is allowed only if you entrust the accounting of cash flows to the person who picks his teeth in that. But can you say that your money is safe? An elementary understanding of financial accounting is an absolute necessity for any good businessman.
  6. You are shallow. You do not want to dive into the processes, do not seek to expand the field of knowledge and influence on certain segments of the work of your enterprise, do not pay attention to the experience of local and foreign competitors. Reforming the classic, in the business system of coordinates you're not a sphere, you are just another point. Solid stagnation.
  7. You are boring. All your phrases are predictable, the narrative is monotonous, the pulse can hardly be felt. Your mediocre team is forced to support the worker's fuse, as a result, for some reason, more and more often employees are delayed at lunch interviews. Or they just sit on their salaries waiting for their dismissal.
  8. You absolutely do not like what you do. At a meeting of classmates on the question of your company, you look at your shoes and mutter something inarticulate. And in general you always liked photography and writing notes about the work of Brueghel.
  9. You are the antonym of the word "diplomat". Ability to negotiate in the direction that will bring benefits to the company and increase your authority is absolutely unfamiliar quality to you. Successful business is rarely independent, it is often necessary to enter into collaborations with other entrepreneurs of your own or related fields. You has become a household name amongst the professional circles because of empty words and inappropriate behavior. A worthwhile partner will not want to deal with you.
  10. You are stupid. Decisions are taken impulsively and without thinking, your business will not bring anything except wasted time, money and huge disappointment, and it's good, if only to you.

If any of the items reminds you of yourself, do not be in a hurry to get upset, half of the resolution of the issue is recognition of the problem, you absolutely do not have to quit what you started. Everything can be learned, talents can be identified, skills can be developed, the path can be changed. Do not be afraid to trust professionals, try to become open-minded, ask for help people who have already achieved success in your field.

The most important thing is to strive making a useful and high-quality product, whatever you do.

v-jet group is here to help you in attainment of your dreams, just let us know.