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QA specialist vs Test engineer

    Two names with different meanings perform together over time. Sometimes we lose perspective about who is who. Quality really matters for software development process as it means high level of professionalism. Widespread delusion is that to find vast numbers of bugs may appear to be making progress towards the goal of making high-quality software. On the one hand it encourage people to reveal the problems on the early stages, on the other it may make them focused on problems only instead of solution. That’s why we have two similar and so different positions.On this article we’re going to discuss these confused roles and figure out who works in v-jet group team.  

Who’s the best?

    Test engineer has some task to test, give test plan, test cases, bug-reports. This person is charged with finding bugs before users do. They investigate and report on how well the software performs relative to its expectations. A good tester is one who is constantly thinking of things that have not been tried and is expected to exercise parts of the software that may be weak or that may not interact well. The main point is to find bugs as fast as possible and get the right ones fixed. However, this focus on increasing the number of bugs instead of increasing the quality of the software can lead to the demise of many organizations. There will always be more bugs, but without knowing what they are, a conscious decision cannot be made regarding the software’s ability to meet the customer’s demands.

    Being in a role of QA you will be asked to assure the quality of the software. QA controls all parts of development process starting from signing a contract and ending by final release of the product. Result oriented QA specialist notices every trivia bug or mistake during the development process. QA is more focused on managing the product life cycle and verifying that the software meets the defined quality standards or customer agreements. QA is less about breaking the software and finding problems than about verifying that it is possible to make the software work under a given set of conditions. That’s why planning and following the task tracking system are important and will keep development process balanced.

What about cooperation between QA and other team members?

    It's vital to attend and contribute to the daily standup meetings. Because scrum teams involve business analysts, developers, and QAs, clear communication is key. To be really effective, don't just talk about what you accomplished yesterday and what you're going to be doing today. Testers working with agile methods have the opportunity to clarify and guide requirements, assist with product ownership, and create user stories in addition to tracking bugs. The most important part of a daily stand-up meeting is sharing the obstacles that will prevent you from making progress as a tester on the team. To be the guardians of quality in an agile team, QAs need to contribute to standups and help make them a really valuable use of time.

How does QA care about customers?

    Customers are mainly interested in solutions to their problems. Quality assurance includes documenting customer complaints, tracking the actions taken to resolve them and surveying customers on their satisfaction with the result. The quality assurance system compares high levels of reliability, competence and delivery quality with the level of customer satisfaction. The system checks for discrepancies and revises evaluations to make sure that it is functioning cohesively and giving correct results.

    Quality matters for each product. That’s why v-jet group team gathered three QA specialists on its team. Our employees carefully check every project and report about problem immediately in order to prevent customers’ irritation.

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