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PIG-CARE: ERP Cloud-Based Software

It goes without saying that the agriculture has modernised and the importance of industry and services within the economy has increased. Nowadays it become much less important as a source of jobs and more close to provide qualified services. Being a reliable partner for majority of livestock companies in Ukraine, our team partnered with “Макситек” pig farm. During the last two years pigmeat producing has raised twice because of increased need of pork consumption. We analyzed “Макситек” pig farm workflow and figured out the extra need of its adaptation to the latest technologies. Farm tech staff should provide timely and relevant data to owners about sows behavior in order to help analyse all possible changes that may influence on future production. The best solution to engage owners and tech specialists in one system was to create cloud based software with inbuilt analytics and info about farm in general. ERP system for pig farm was aimed to:

  • Distribute the tasks of pig rearing across farm’s tech specialists in the main production departments;
  • Manage pig livestock production processes with full overview of currently active production processes, with details as planned end date, live weight gain progress, forecasted production output, actual mortality and actual feed consumption rate, which are available at any time;
  • Implement total cost control and all of monetizing process in the farm.

We released PIG-CARE for two user’s roles and fulfilled it with separate admin panel to manage tasks + electronic devices to monitor general sows’ condition.

Scheme of Cloud System

PIG-CARE is a challenging product, so the main thing for us was to consolidate all of an enterprise’s data that is specific to departments into a new database. Full system consists of cloud-based server, which provides real-time data for 2 different types of users: farm owner and technologist. Information for users is accessed via the Internet, so that means that staff can see accurate data on tablet and smartphones without extra setup fees. Let’s see more detailed description of users’ apps.

  • App for technologist

Initially app for technology officer was aimed to increase workflow process up to 70% from currently provided in the farm. We’ve carefully analyzed the main responsibilities of technologist and have come up with a set of must-have features for a really effective CRM solution. Let’s see what these features are and how we implemented them.


Traditionally, data about pig groups for any period, indicating growth and mortality; filtering by weight, age and health status are added to a CRM system manually, but PIG-CARE software can do this automatically. We created a possibility to integrate not just a custom API that let us automatically drop every new info into a system, but also added possibility for future scalability of system. It will be possible to apply more connections from other systems.


Technology officer knows that it’s very important not to lose even minor details about feeding while working in farm. We added possibility to check or change recipes, change the feeding parameters of different groups. Thanks to this feature farm may predict the expenses on food.


Technologists may want to be notified when events have been planned, big tasks have been completed  (temperature, vaccination requirements, sensor status, etc.), or important activities have been scheduled. We created possibility to receive real-time notifications in tech app, which is an even more convenient approach since users can instantly receive the freshest information on what’s interesting to them without the need to constantly check their mailboxes.


PIG-CARE app offers detailed systematic information on the state of growth by group. Dashboards with a number of fields and filters help specify a certain time period. We also provided the forecasting functionality as a natural continuation of reporting functionality. A built-in sales forecasting feature can help tech specialist accurately predict future sales growth and prevent overuse of the content.

Calendar / Task Management

Implemented calendar-like board allow technology officer to coordinate and plan all activities carried out on the farm.  The application provides a special dashboard where user can overview the to-do list for your entire sales department. There are a number of APIs that allow to integrate app with calendar functionality, including the most popular ones like Google’s Calendar REST API, the Eventful API, and Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar API. In current app we used Google’s Calendar REST API to sync the calendar with Google Calendar. As the result, all planned activities can smoothly mirrored on another platform without even having to lift a finger.


A really effective system should obviously have a place where users can see all of their livestock and tracklist of personalized cards for each individual with the assignment of a unique number and the ability to range by filters. PIG-CARE app has special board-like interface that allow technology officer to see how many pigs there are currently in a farm and see which of them need your urgent attention.

  • App for farm owner

Unsurprisingly, support for mobile devices is becoming a must-have for CRM solutions. To stay on top of the game, modern business people need quick and constant access to their vital data. Going mobile provides a greater degree of flexibility and efficiency, which is crucial for the success of any business. For farm owners in PIG-CARE we suggested mobile app solution as the best in management of tech specialist’s work and overall workflow condition in the pig farm. We considered the main features and would like to share our vision and final result.


PIG-FARM system provides real-time data across multiple regions, its activities, scheduled tasks, income/outcome etc. The system is easy to scale, giving owner the flexibility to add more locations as well as users.


Data analysis is very important for every management department. In PIG-CARE app we offer easy access to vital business data and give the required tools to track organizational productivity and efficiency. Farm owner receives information on the percentage change in the implementation and birth rate, the analysis of changes in livestock, the dynamics of mortality / fertility.


With the help of PIG-CARE app farm owner can thoroughly evaluate staff performance based on a number of factors. Information about all employees of farms are gathered here with the possibility of an instant call to each and every employee.


Comparing with the tech app, owner’s app also includes detailed information about each individual. We added advanced search with the ability to view information on the necessary filters and required staff departments.

Ownership Costs & Security

We made security for PIG-CARE software a top priority by providing strong, industry standard data security certifications such as compliance with AES 128bit crypt + https tunnel for data exchange.

From the financial point, PIG-CARE cloud based software offers a predictable, pay-as-you-go subscription model that can make cash flow management and planning much easier. Comparing the total spends on development, use and maintenance of on-site ERP and cloud based, it might be surprise that cloud-based ERP can cost 50 percent less than on-site ERP for a 100-employee company over a four-year period. Moreover, our team offers customer other rigorous security, disaster recovery, and back-up procedures that could be cost-prohibitive in case of working with another service provider.