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Our core values are our employees

December 14/Alina Bogdan/Branding

We believe in personal development and growth. Every employee makes an effort and combine knowledge with ambitions to achieve personal and company growth.

People have always measured success differently. For us it means freedom in thoughts, moves, decisions, desires, actions, necessities. All of these things are possible for goal oriented people with well-organized life. Reliable relationships are the best gift for everyone. Ability to share talents and emotions with the closest surrounding brings more happiness.

Combination of above mentioned things helps us to make world better, simplify people’s life and create innovative solutions.

We make every product with passion applying variety of solutions simultaneously. It is not about technical implementation so far. It is about the way of successful launch: idea testing, market research, analysis, and strategy.

In attempt to become reliable partner for our customers, we do our best to implement any idea into working business.We stay ahead of the challenges that bog down many teams. Amazing results of our work are by the ability to focus on priorities, the effectiveness of your communication, and the quality of relationships.

At v-jet group we are aimed to follow the latest technologies and build products that inspire millions of users. People should spend more time with their family. That’s why we are aimed to simplify daily routine with innovative software.

Our core values help us work with passion and look for new solutions


  • Don’t waste our time on fixes. We encourage everyone to produce work efficiently and effectively everyday. Every employee evolutionize technologies and makes the world better.


  • Reliable and trustful relationships are a must. Both customers and company workers are involved into one ecosystem which requires to be in harmony. Trust makes working process to produce better.


  • Transmit ideas and implement it in creative products. Our employees bring unique and outstanding vision of the product. Unique point of view allows us make masterpiece instead of just working app.


  • Respect everyone’s efforts. Company’s success is the result of dedicated teamwork, that’s why we appreciate everyone’s input. We esteem our clients, partners and employees.  


  • Put the right priorities and choose the right moment for each activity. A vital part of any working process is the ability to keep the balance between work, family and hobby.

Inspiration & growth

  • Our team is inspired by its surrounding. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.


  • Culture of mind, attitude, lifestyle,  actions and society. We consider factors that make a team successful, understanding their organization's expectations and how they can attain their personal goals by effective participation.


  • Those who know what they want are able to reach their goals. Freedom to move and invent indifferent ideas helps people to enjoy working process and born desire to achieve new goals.Only free and conscious person can be creative.

Investment in people

  • Our core resources are our employees. We invest in people’s professional growth and build “one-size-fits-all” approach to earn trust, build loyalty and stimulate team and individual performance.

We don't follow the latest trends because we create them.

We are aimed to ease people’s life in using technologies.We represent the alliance of creative teams which make the world better.