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Our achievements in 2017: the year in review

December 22/Alina Bogdan/Branding

Every business has a story! Our story started in 2013 when 2 programmers gathered 8 people and called this alliance “v-jet” team. First union included 5 programmers, 2 designers and HR manager. Team was aimed to develop web and mobile outsource products for Ukrainian users. Nowadays our team increased its number and successfully engaged in many outsource projects all over the world. This year we mastered many new technologies and met new challenges to spread our expertise.


  • Geography

In 2017 v-jet group worked with clients from all over the globe, including the following countries:the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Poland.This year we opened official offices in Poland and Kazakhstan. With the foundation of the locations we became closer to our customers as a reliable partner to work with.

  • Startups

Between 2013 and 2017, “v-jet group” launched five startups of our own. In 2017 two of them became profitable, and that happened after three years of ongoing development. First one is an educational startup IQ Study in Ukraine. This is an automated system for the optimization of the educational processes. It provides “Parent – Child – School” communication with the help of the developed apps engaged in one system. We successfully implemented this platform in two secondary schools located in Dnipro.

The second one is a Fuxia app for meditation to cure a mind and bring peace into daily life. Approximately 68% of managers are suffered from stress. Fuxia app helps to put the bottom line between daily routine and working hours. Users are able to not just listen to a music but make a real journey to the key places in the world for meditation and relaxation.  

  • Projects

The most significant projects of 2017 belong to the following categories:

  1. Social networks and messaging.
  2. SaaS (CRM, ERP, Payroll systems)
  3. On-demand delivery (Uber-like apps and apps for logistics).
  4. Dating.
  5. E-commerce.
  6. Niche industries.

One of our interesting and technically challenging project this year was a social dating app called PinMate. PinMate offers a safe, friendly, non-discriminatory environment for anyone who is looking for a friendly chat, date, or long-term romance. PinMate has a cool design and is all about building a sense of community and bringing people together to give them a chance to express their thoughts and feelings.

Read full case description here: Pin Mate: platform for sportsmen. Case Study

E-commerce app development has always been a significant part of what we work on at v-jet group, and 2017 was not an exception. One of  the big projects was a platform for a finance company based in Saudi Arabia that provides Islamic auto-financing and finance leasing solutions. The project is called Tamwily, and is a marketplace where users can obtain a financing quotation for chosen vehicles or use other tools to assist in financing decision making.

Read full case description here: Tamwily: auto-trading platform. Case study

We also finished working on Hubble Bubble, an on-demand hookah delivery app. The Hubble Bubble app lets users book a delivery of hookah, pay for delivery right in the app and track the delivery process on map using their phones. The delivery app brought us expertise in logistics app development and building "Uber for X" types of marketplaces.

Read full case description here: Hubble Bubble: Hookah delivery website. Case study

In 2017 we launched Cloud Based Automatization System for pig farm to automate business processes. This system allows to keep a detailed record of pigs, feed and preparations on the farm.

Read full case description here: PIG-CARE: ERP Cloud-Based Software

  • Technologies

2015 was the starting point in using advanced technologies. We started develop websites using Yii framework instead of Drupal CMF. This helped us to increase security level of every next developed project and brought company to a new level. In 2017 we made a new huge step forward the direction of improvements and expanded our tech stack.

For developing dynamic web apps our team started use Angular. With the Angular framework you can build a versatile application using custom declarative elements with basic application features done out of the box. RedEducation is a latest sample based on Angular. This is a complex solution for businesses to accept different kinds of trainings. Following common marketing needs our team created a platform for the companies to find the best of motivation and strategic planning.

Voice and face recognition became the next human wonder in the fast development of the modern technologies. We made a simple dive into building face detection app using Python+PHP FANN, PHP-ML. We gathered team of developers for local competition priced with paid vacation for all participants. Our team implemented face detection from the camera only. Nevertheless,  this was more than enough for local hackathon competition to assure that we are able to handle such kind of apps in future.

Read about how we handled hackathon: New Experience is Amazing: Face Detection App Withing 24 Hours

Next improvement was to start using Kotlin as a new programming language in Android app development. We chose the Kotlin programming language as the tool for development Hot2be apps. The main benefits of Kotlin are its concise syntax and virtually no NullPointerException crashes compared to Java. (And, as a result, Kotlin makes for happier developers.).


Every project needs funding, time, and effort to get off to a roaring start. Developing and maintaining a single project is difficult and expensive. If we were to fail to earn the ROI on a stolen idea, it would set us back. It’s honest, it’s safe, and it’s plain good business. v-jet group already has a lot of plans in store. First of all we’re going to open new offices in Asia to expand our performance on the new markets.

We are going to extend our face detection app and make it more sophisticated: combine the id with the name, then show the confidence of the prediction, recognize the emotion. I believe we will bring the idea further and use such kind of technology to detect someone's move.

We want to improve our experience and knowledge in reviewing, optimizing, designing, developing, supporting, and maintaining custom SaaS solutions. Pig Care project was one of the biggest thing we worked with, so we’re going to fulfill our cases with more samples like that.