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Business Systems (CRM/PMS)

    Nowadays more and more people want to achieve independence in order to travel more, meet more people and see the world. The century of millennials, the people who try to feel free, work for the outsource projects and have a flexible schedule to have more time for hobbies. The trend of the modern generation brings more companies to the market and so makes it more competitive. But many start-ups face problems doing business and there is a chain of possible faults but the main one is the discipline. The discipline is the core solution not only for the business creation but also for your personal goals achievement. The way you organize your business, the way you make a plan, the way you follow the deadlines and schedules. In this fast changing world, it is always good to have a back-up plan and try to be flexible and be ready to adjust things in order to survive and do not lose the face at the competitive market.

    Project Management Software (PMS) and Customer Relationship Systems (CRS) is a core thing to keep all the company’s management clear and updated about all the processes that are going on within the company, as well as to see the customers flow and the stages you may have stopped according to some circumstances.

    The more your business grows – the more processes it involves. Even now, whether you are an employee, or the head of the company, try to analyze your daily work. Do you have a daily plan? Do you have a week plan and more? Or you just move with the flow and do whatever case appears? Are there any recordings of your work and the success of the cases and the stages of the customer’s relationship development? Sometimes there is a tipping point every company comes to where the critical situation appears and you have to look back and realize that all the time you have been working, all the cases, all the work, all the processes became a complete mess. One moment a huge snow ball knocks your door but the snow ball does not come up within a second – this is a long process that takes time and gather all the mess and it becomes impossible to deal with it and the chances that your business can be ruined are big. So the best way to manage it all is from the beginning. Once you have an idea to create something, once you take steps – record it in order to have a chance to analyze the progress and see how far you are now.

    Many small businesses do not have much budget and many employees to pay for the CRM or PMS systems but still there are lots of free solutions that can be used for the management purposes. As the more ideas appears in the world market, the more tools and IT business solutions come up.

    It is always important to have a chance to review the history and development of the company and it is really convenient to keep it in one system, instead of having lots of documents from different sources that can create a mess.

    90% of the company’s problems are the management problems, so it is always good to remember it and start from the small – business system integration.