Mobile apps development

Mobile Apps development is one of the most current directions nowadays. Advanced users hardly ever decide on the basic functions of phone, smart phone or tablet. They connect to the Internet and set absolutely various mobile apps for convenient work, entertainment and purchasing.

What we do?

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  Our company offers Mobile app development for any products:

  • Games and entertaining apps;
  • Enterprise applications for any business type;

  • Social networks (entertaining, open, close);

  • Mobile versions of sites, online shops;

  • Service apзs (online services);

  • Implementation of any customized projects for you and your company.

Mobile application development fits any mobile devices based on Android, IOS. In most cases our clients require several variants of build at the same time – for each spread operational system.



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  In our company apps development obligatory includes the following stages:

  • Setting tasks taking into account our customer’s demands and wishes.

  • Development of convenient and attractive design.

  • Creation of software product.
  • Testing different devices.
  • Publishing the app in AppStore and  PlayMarket;
  • Full customer support.

Mobile apps development from “V-JET” agency is creation of reliable, attractive and convenient turn-key products.


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All that we create, we create out of love for the world of IT. Creating business solutions is our life and our passion. Without it there is no us.


If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished.


Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola

  • Key Jay


    Key Jay

    Mobile Application Key Jay unites people around the world, erasing the distances and language barriers. Every detail is designed to make it intuitive to use, its feature set turns app into a universal application for communication, entertainment and education.

  • MoneyGuide



    App for travelers who need a finance info in every country all over the world! You can convert any currency of the world in a your domestic currency, you can do it manually or automatically, without access to the Internet and Wi-Fi.




    The application for children with opportunity to view the schedule of lessons, homework, correspondence with family members, location of the entire family, academic performance.




    Be aware where your child is, get the most current information about your child's academic performance. Through the application IamParent you will always be in touch with the school and your family.

  • Fuxia



    Your fountain of relax vibes, meditation information and lifestyle. You need self control? Fuxia helps you!
    Need to 5 minutes of meditation? Fuxia app will teach you!
    Take a clean breath and strong mind.

    "All that we are, created by our thoughts."
    Buddha Shakyamuni

  • AskMe



    The application allows you to pass the time, entertain company, learn new things about your friend or half. We present you a lot of sets. Each is filled with questions, bold, sharp, or revelation that will force you to think about the choice

  • LiveChannel



    A unique box solution for news publishers, bloggers and public persons that allows you to create your personal blog or news feed and turn your hobby into a business. Users have access to the administrative panel, which you can use for your own purposes.

  • Carwash



    A new solution for car owners
    Tablet or smartphone with CarWash app will help you to effectively manage and earn more!

  • Shake mix

    Tap Gaming

    Shake mix

    Funny game «ShakeMix», which you can play by yourself, as well as with the company. Make your own cocktails delicious, edible or not so :)