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Our creativity is a mastery of simplicity

We are a team of creative designers and developers. For the past 7 years, we have been successfully engaged in many outsource projects in the financial, manufacturing, healthcare, education, e-commerce, and entertainment sectors. Since the first day of the company’s presence in Ukraine, “V-Jet Group” spread its performance all over Europe and Asia. Nowadays we have stable offices in Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland and Kazakhstan. In the nearest future, we are going to engage more countries in our community in order to spread technology development and ease people’s lives.

Long-standing history of V-Jet Group




In an attempt to create a software development company 2 programmers gathered 8 people and called this alliance “V-Jet” team.
First union included 5 programmers, 2 designers and HR manager. Team was aimed to develop web and mobile outsource products for Ukrainian users.
2013MAY 2013


“V-Jet” team divided in two organizations to serve outsource web & mobile development separately from game development.

Game developers’ alliance now is called “Footprint” and successfully serves a huge number of US customers. “V-Jet” team met first positive references and started cooperation with mass media and showbiz.

We released an enterprise website for Pavel Volya, promoted International music fest “The Best City UA” and much more.

2014DEC 7


“V-Jet” team improved its technology stack and started develop websites using Yii framework instead of Drupal CMF.

This helped us increase security level of every next developed project and brought company to a new level.

Culture of innovations allowed “V-Jet” team to sign a partnership with top Ukrainian agricultural company “Agrogeneration”, leading integrated engineering company in the CIS countries “Dneprohydromach” and other.

2015JUL 16


The company's vision, mission and strategy complete rebranding was made in 2016.

With the foundation of the new offices in Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and the great development that we made, company was renamed 'V-Jet Group'.

“V-Jet Group” successfully launched an educational startup IQ Study in Ukraine. We successfully implemented this educational platform in two secondary schools located in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Company increased its expertise in online chats, online video streaming.

As the achievements of 'V-Jet Group' were great, the company became a reliable expert in APP and Web development industry.

“V-Jet Group” was listed as the 2nd best company among the 'less than 80 employees' IT companies of the country.

2016AUG 22


“V-Jet Group” demonstrated continuous growth and developed an expertise in the new services, technologies and industries.

Also, the company complemented its offered services with SaaS solutions for any size of businesses.

Our fast development and the growth of the team with more than 50 professionals made us effectively spread the team across the new offices in Poland, Kazakhstan and Switzerland.

2017 MAR 10

Choosing an experienced and technically sound provider of e-business solutions is the key to successful software outsourcing. V-jet Group is an international organization that provides software outsourcing services to many web solutions / software companies around the world. Over the past year, we have been providing complete customer satisfaction because our international clientele used high-quality software solutions developed by V-Jet Group and witnessed a notable increase in revenue.


During this year, the guys from our V-Jet Group teams improved their skills and learned new things, thereby participating in numerous training courses and undergoing an endless number of online classes and trainings. We completed a number of small projects that allowed us to expand our capabilities. One of the V-Jet Team took on a huge project with a complex structure and hierarchy. A project that just rolls over in its number of elements in the form of a constructor.


V-Jet Group has helped numerous companies build cloud and mobile products, apps, and solutions. Our clients come from across various industries like Consumer goods, Telecom, eCommerce Automobile, Government institutions among others. A substantial part of our revenue comes from repeat business. No wonder, Customer-for-life is our chield!

Alex Goncharov

Alex Goncharov

Vladyslav Chubuk

Vladyslav Chubuk

FOUNDER of V-Jet Group
Roman Zinchuk

Roman Zinchuk

CEO at V-Jet Group