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IQ Study

Step into the future



DATE: Aug 2016

CATEGORY: Web, Mobile


IQ Study is an automated system for the optimization of the educational processes. It provides “Parent – Child – School” communication with the help of the developed apps engaged in one system.

For School:

For School Administration (web-based control panel):

  • Possibility to follow the quantity of students, their ratings and attendance;
  • Possibility to control and edit the schedule of lessons time;
  • Control the lessons schedule, students marks and teachers gadgets;
  • List of teachers contact;
  • Direct messages to students and teachers;
  • Control all reports and statistic;

For teachers (School book - mobile application):

  • Possibility to analyze the schedule;
  • Check the student attendance;
  • Home tasks control;
  • Set marks;
  • Notification about test works;
  • Possibility to send direct notifications and messages;

For family (IamParent)

Android -

  • Possibility to add and edit the children list;
  • Licence to a certain amount of children;
  • Children rating and marks;
  • Online-chat with children and teacher;
  • Notifications from School;
  • Real-time location of children;
  • Location history;
  • Attendance control;

For Children (Android/iOS application IamChild):

iOS -
Android -

  • Possibility to view own rating;
  • Possibility to view own marks;
  • Geolocation;
  • Online-chat with parents and teachers;
  • View the schedule;
  • Notification about test works;
  • SOS Button;