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Persevere or Concede: Sales Uncertainty

Roots of Fears

Among variety of widespread persistence types most people define three levels only. As for me these points draw real roots of fears about the sales process. Let’s consider more detailed description of each one:

  • Low level.

          In order to avoid customer’s irritation sales representatives minimize number of follow up calls and emails. This helps employee stay calm as the number of abruptly       irritative "no" from customers is very low.

  • Middle level.

          “Just let it go and leave it in the hands of a greater power”, this is the widespread delusion which helped me identify the second level of persistence. The main difference from above mentioned  is a bit higher level of efforts on the lead generation stage, but a total lack of efforts afterwards. As soon as your customer paid for the work done, sales rep forget tо follow up him with no worries about future possibility to collaborate.

  • High level.

          On this level of persistence sales process resembles repetitive strain injury.

For example, if my customer hangs up the phone I don’t stop calling him till he lets me finish a conversation. Or if a customer is shouted at me I will definitely be shouted back in order to avoid manipulation from him.

None from the above mentioned levels will lead to success. In drastically changing market customers became more sophisticated and require higher level of services than ever before. They are looking for trust and someone who is able to predict their wants. That’s why new level of attitude requires new way of persistence.

Path to Successful Persistence

The real working formula of persistence is more than simple:

Persistence = purposefulness + diligence + confidence + patience + hope

  • Purposefulness

is a real difference between getting what you want and getting what you get. Every sales is willing to win a deal. In order to achieve this purpose they build a plan, try to eliminate risks and don’t leave anything to chance.

  • Diligence

It’s not enough just to set goal, next step will be to keep an eye on funnels and pipelines. Adjust your strategy in order to achieve a great result. Schedule meetings, calls, follow-up emails, keep prospects informed with the latest news in your area. Help people accelerate getting the value of the new solution, bringing the buying decision in sooner.   

  • Confidence

Confident sales manager is credible one. People are looking for a person they can rely on. Confidence is a result of knowledge and experience. As a company owner you may assist in developing such skills. From the sales side it’s important to be involved into company’s processes and be able to share with customer only the strongest side of company.   

  • Patience

Keep moving and doing above mentioned things, and you’ll finally meet result you are waiting for.

  • Hope

gives us the possibility to admit the future capabilities and accept the relativity of achievements. However, the lack of hope leads to desperate mood and           senselessness of further actions. Hope is a result of above mentioned actions, that’s why with no efforts we will have nothing.

Above mentioned formula is measurable and achievable. But without enough support from the overall team your efforts may be useless.

In Conclusion 

Being sales representative is an ability to be in charge of success and development in your company. Persistence may help you bring company to a new level and generate as much customers as you wish. The only one thing I wish every sales is willingness to work and develop, other qualities will be achieved during the workflow process.

Hope this article will help everyone find out the right solution. For further details or required info feel free to contact us or ask directly in social networks.