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How to Build Your Mobile Application in 5 steps

As soon as you decide to build a mobile app you will probably face with a list of commonly asked questions: how long will it take to develop, how much will it cost and will it be demanded for other people. That is why you should be confident you are starting with right planning. Well planned and structured TO DO list ensures your app’s success after it’ll be delivered and released.

First of all ask yourself what is your main reason to build such kind of application. Are there anybody who will be pleased with solutions and possibilities your app is going to provide? If you feel that the last question has positive answer, then your idea worth to be released.

Here are some useful tips for you to achieve success.

1. Market research

Every development process begins with research. Browsing through the similar apps will help figure out the top competitors. Look over the AppStore and Google Play, then your research will give you the future vision whether your app succeed or not.

Another good point is to read the users’ feedbacks on the similar applications. It will help understand the problems users usually faced with, and allow to avoid same things in your app. Also you need to make a potential user research. What kind of similar application they use? Are they looking for something different or satisfied with application they using now? What make them to choose your app? But don’t forget to sort the real feedbacks and adverts. Promotions may not show you the real picture of app’s profit. Don`t be afraid of marketing research cost. Good research can save your money and time if your application will fail.

2. Business Model and Monetization

Everybody who makes an mobile application are afraid of unless money spent on apps. Your idea now is your business, and you want your application work for you. There are several ways of monetization and I suggest look over some of them:

  • Provide in-app purchases. It may take some time to think about maximizing your revenue and getting maximum from users. But the overall idea of adjustment in-app purchase model is worth to try.
  • Adverts. Provide your application to users for free but inside your mobile app will be advertisement which can give you revenue. You might face with problem how to show the advertisement without affecting on user experience? Make a basic design prototype with placements for advertising.
  • Just sell it. Set the price for your app and sell it directly to user in AppStore and Google Play. The price for your application depends on how unique your idea is, what you will be offering and amount of your target audience. But don`t forget to promote your application.

3. Enlighten workflow and main features

Before you will release application on AppStore or Google Play you have to write something about project, describe main features and details. Use any wireframe tool or write a document about your project. This is very important part so your should write as much as possible about your app. This document will help you during the development process. Another good advice is to create some mock-ups. On the one hand, this will show how users may browse through your app. On the other hand, your and your developers team will get your idea better and show desired result.

4. Great Team is You Way to Success

Good for you if you have enough skills to develop your application by yourself. You can save money for hiring developers, but you should have enough free time to spend on app development. Better way is to hire a team with strong experience in mobile app development. Find out a studio or company which can turn your brilliant idea into life. You only need to control the workflow and check all sprints, that`s all.

Another question is how to find above right team to work with? Of course you can spend hours of searching through freelance platforms. It may cost less than hiring a company but there are some problems, such as:

  • you have to test a lot of people, check their skills and portfolios.
  • you will face with difficulties of tracking your team’s effectiveness.
  • result may not be satisfied.

Only you will find out the right solution how to develop an app and whom to ask for assistance.

5. Design

Do you remember which point of the unknown app is the most attractive? Beautiful designed icons or attractive and bright screenshots push you to have this app in your device. So, design is the most important part of your mobile application. Despite the good idea of your application, it will fail because of bad and ugly design.

From the users’ side the good app has attractive overlook and user-friendly interface. Skillful designer will help you to create masterpiece and attract required number of active users.

After design was created, you should start with development and testing your application.

Follow above mentioned tips and you will have your idea turned into life.

Wish you good luck!