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Deal With the Risks in Web Development

During four years of presence in the software development area, our v-jet group team has been explored the major deals of web development. Creating a website is a complex process and you should always keep your eyes open. According to external or internal factors the possibility of risks is extremely high. Risk management allows you to stay in control of your project schedule, budget and quality requirements. No matter how big or small your website is going to be, risk management minimizes those threats that could cause project failure.

SOW (Scope of Work) 

Among the most frequently occurred SOW risks, we’d like to underline the following:

  • Poorly specified requirements
  • Adding unnecessary features
  • Unexpected changes and uncontrolled growth

Sometimes it’s hard to predict all SOW risks, but in our workflow process we follow Agile methodology in order to minimize or eliminate it. Agile approach is realized via sprints that’s run development cycle for 2-4 weeks. During a sprint, the team decides the order of implemented features, how they should be tested and confirmed. Agile methodology allows to work in continuous testing environment. In this way development team successfully handles unexpected changes and keeps projects within deadline.

Crashes or Other Technical Reasons

There are plenty of reasons for web’s crashes: browser incompatibility, incorrect memory usage, fatal production bugs, and more. In order to prevent unexpected situations v-get group team uses VCS (Version Control Systems) to manage the code of the projects. Our company stores source code in Bitbucket hosting system. For some reasons Bitbucket might not be GitHub, especially if we talk about its visibility and private access. GitHub is good for freelancers to show the world code they are working on. But for companies an obvious perk is secure place to store code and save it from damage. That’s why we suggest Bitbucket. In terms of risk management Bitbucket is good to identify a problem at the earliest stage. As it is integrated with Jira that allows developers to manage their work collectively and avoid rewriting each other’s revisions to the code.

Source code storage isn’t the only way to deal with crashed risks. v-get group team applied automated testing to ensure proper functionality and check every piece of newly written code. Automated test shows which tests succeeded and which failed. For example, let’s switch to testing a form. Forms are integral part of any businesses and means the customers’ path they usually pass to reach you. To prevent a website form from crashes it must undergo a battery of automated tests to check performance under any circumstances and inputs.


Except above-mentioned risks, the development team is one of the most important thing. Every project manager should establish cooperation and facilitate smooth communication between customer and company members. At v-jet group we hire and train our staff to grow dedicated professionals. Let’s consider the top risks occured by human resources:

  • Failing to identify or fairly engage stakeholders. Stakeholders usually doesn’t participate in development process but their role is important in further product promotion. For example, if end users join the websites where is no content/no list of suggested available products then they will leave soon.
  • Hiring process. Sometimes it happens to hire new specialists caused by a least of needs. Unfortunately such process may take too much time and affect on development process.
  •  Change-over.  The worst case for every project manager is to face with one of the scenarios below: developer got sick, went on vacation, or left in the middle of a project.


Web development process is able to cause more other unmentioned risks. v-jet group’s project management team reduce the risks through efficient communication and technical checks. We’re ready to share our experience in greater detail, feel free to contact us via email or connect us on social networks.