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Automated Robot Vision-3 Steps Towards The Future

Step 1: People-centric Improvements

During recent years, technological progress moved beyond human capabilities and brought society to a new level of understanding. The impact is tremendous and started bringing significant influence in the next decades. The main idea created around technological progress is to generate a people-centric improvements. In the upcoming 2020, more than one million workplaces will replace chatbots, machine-learning management, RPA, virtual agents. The changes are predictable and estimated as the steps towards future growth. Let's consider some samples of the implementation of a human-centric space.


The democratization of technologies mainly focused on four fundamental areas - application improvement, data and research, vision, and information. It creates a people-centric improvements with smart devices around to ease life and the possibility to develop such an intelligent area. For instance, democratization would empower engineers to create information models with the dependence on AI-driven development to generate new software.

Human Augmentation

This new trend explains the use of innovation to improve an individual's psychological and physical conditions. Behind developing humans' physical and mental activities, there is also Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning progressively used to give a new way of thinking.

For physical augmentation, innovation applies changes to an inborn genetic ability to move naturally and protect the body. For instance, cars or mining businesses use wearables to improve employees' safety during heavy work. In different enterprises such as retail and travel, wearables are utilized to build specialist efficiency.

Physical augmentation supports four primary groups:

  • sensory augmentation - hearing, vision, observation;
  • brain augmentation - exoskeletons, prosthetics
  • biological augmentation - supplements to treat seizures
  • genetic augmentation - substantial-quality and cell treatment.

For example, brain augmentation improves humans' potential to think, apply better decisions, reach a higher level of coincidence. This effect reaches by adding physical implants to achieve mind expansion and manage cognitive thinking.

Transparency and Traceability

The breakthrough in technological progress pushed people to become progressively attentive to how their information is gathered and utilized. Because machine learning and artificial intelligence already started applying changes and making some decisions instead of a human. This new tendency requires developers of innovations to follow six key segments of trust: Ethics, respectability, transparency, responsibility, skill, and consistency.

California took steps forward the users' data privacy law in the country. Despite the technological growth, users' data is private and can be used only upon the agreement. Entrepreneurs need to know the range of possible regulatory actions as well as developers.

Edge Computing with Distributed Cloud

Edge is an extraordinary idea, a valuable method to consider the distribution, area of recording, and communications assets. Enabled edge takes a gander at how gadgets are expanding and framing the establishments for intelligent spaces and moves applications closer to the individuals. It retains all the innovation for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Distributed cloud leads to the spreading of open cloud administrations to areas outside the cloud supplier's physical data centers. In a distributed cloud, the cloud supplier is responsible for all parts of cloud service, performance, administration, and updates. Distributed cloud data centers are everywhere. It gives the advantages of an open cloud administration.

The samples of using edge computing with distributive cloud are in automotive, entertaining, and manufacturing businesses. As an example - the automotive industry with connected vehicles is an industry obliging edge computing. The production and administration of advanced maps with real-time data, and superior driving support using cloud-based analytics of video streams are all examples of emerging services.

Autonomous Things

Drones, robots, ships, exploit augmented reality are the samples of autonomous things to work for people across different environments. This stuff can't replace human work at all, but to fulfill the existed environments and power the work of some departments.

Practical Blockchain

Blockchain can help enterprises to empower trust, bringing down costs, diminishing exchange repayment times, and improving income. In new projects, blockchain will appear in a completely scalable way.

The best sample applied in medicine, where there is a high risk of gathering the single user's data and everything related to the patient's sickness history - London'-based startup Medicalchainstarted implementing its blockchain platform to store and share medical data. Blockchain will be a great solution to ensure patient's record safety and prevent from vulnerability and stealing. Because of the created blocks of data, all of the information secured and protected by the password. As a result, patients can share the data only with reliable people.

Another advantage of blockchain is the possibility to prevent fraud in banking and media buying. People can track the full-cycle of investments and ensure avoiding security risks. The current stage is using the blockchain to secure transactions where there transparent visibility of users' actions.

Step 2: Establishing Well-known Renamed Trends

Some of the future innovation steps are well-known, and we already faced with the possible impact of it. Today the earlier names changed to more futuristic to highlight the importance of new inventions. For example, old and established robots are now "Autonomous things." The recently known artificial intelligence, renamed "Hyperautomation." And when you once heard "Multiexperiences," this is the general IoT. These trends bring more new experience to the future and not just in new names. Let's explore more about what to expect.


Technology automation is about to simplify the routine work and bring the service to a new level. For companies that serve many industries, the ability to have automation processes is vital. We are expecting to meet advanced technologies with the visible impact of computer vision and the development of smart software. Hyperautomation is a new level of thinking when analyzing, discovering, designing, measuring, automation, monitoring, releasing both new and existing tasks in a digital enterprise.

The visible sample of implementing hyperautomation nowadays is the complex solution in management software to increase the decision making processes. The advanced analytical tools result in the appearance of the digital twin of the organization. It is another new term nowadays and means the readiness of businesses to implement more advanced technologies. Because of the implemented hyberautomation processes, companies get real-time, constant comprehension, and inspiring extraordinary business possibilities.


The main idea of multiexperience is to create a technology-friendly environment for people to live and interact safely. Among the variety of available gadgets and interfaces, the ability to combine all in a peaceful setting is a must and required to follow. In nowaday's world, multiexperience already implemented like smart trackers, speakers, etc. For example, there is a Domino Pizza startup, which is app-ordering the usual delivery company. Nevertheless, they used autonomous vehicles, pizza tracker, and speaker to share the additional data on device with the customer, check out the pizza condition through device, communicate with each other.


There will be more possibilities and advantages from multiexperience that appeared in environment experience and focused on using augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning. The combination of using these technologies will lead to a new and useful experience for both consumers and businesses.

Step 3: Renewed Processes Management and Planning

We already mentioned the advanced management technologies that will either be used or improved in business. Business process management will start a new path of technological progress with the implemented robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. The project management tools will be fulfilled with the brand new tactics in project planning and measuring results. The advanced analytical tools will help to access data in a new way with the broader vision of all aspects of business development and growth. One of the possible and definite advantages will be the faster delivery process and more proper analysis of business success.

Last Few Words

Technological progress always brings valuable insights. For some companies, the presence of such changes appears scary, but nothing implemented in a dey. We all have some time to get used to advanced technologies and test the water within a specific area. The positive feelings might gain in some time, but the perspectives are tremendous. 

We hope our exploration helped you to dive deeper into the ongoing technological progress. The further we move, the more insights and inventions we face. Contact us if you are willing to know more about how these things could be implemented in your business.